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Workplace Accidents

Workplace Accidents

Construction Site Accidents

In New York, when a construction worker is injured, he/she is covered by workers' compensation. Worker's compensation is not always sufficient to cover the severe injuries that occur at construction sites. Worksites are usually occupied by numerous employers (contractors, subcontractors) and often one of these third-party employers will be the cause of an injury to a non-employee who is working on the same site but for someone else.

Section 240 of New York State Labor Law, the “Scaffolding Law”, protects the rights of construction workers who suffer a fall or are struck by a falling object. This legal requirement mandates construction owners and contractors to provide scaffolding and other safety measures to protect workers.

Common Construction Site Accidents include:

  • Scaffold falls due to no fault of your own leaving you to sustain injuries;
  • You are working on a high-rise and the floor you are installing gives out; and
  • Your employer gives you a defective safety harness causing you to fall.

Section 241 of the New York State Labor Law:  owners and contractors must take reasonable steps to provide adequate safety provisions for their workers. This section addresses the way floors are constructed during the building process and what materials are to be used.  This provision legally mandates contractors and owners will set out equipment in such a way that ensures the safety of construction workers and any visitors to the job site.

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